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So I have this idea in the back of my head I can’t shake that somehow Tony finds out that these little RV trailers exist and gives one to each of the Avengers as Christmas gifts before Pepper finds out and stops him.

Hawkeye just shrugs at first and doesn’t know what to do with it but Wilson is thrilled and goes running around saying stuff like “FALCON RV!” and “THE FALCON CAMPS!” and drags Hawkeye out to go camping away in the woods with him and Hawkeye is not happy at first but then he finds out he can go hunting with his bow and arrow and while Sam is congratulating himself on getting a nice dinner of hotdogs and baked beans set up over the fire Hawkeye comes whistling back into camp with five turkeys, seventeen rabbits, and a deer slung over his shoulder.

Natasha rolls her eyes when she gets her but ends up using it as a safe house and decorates it with little strings of lights and has thermoses of hot coffee and cocoa all over it and lots of books with strange titles like “How to Dismantle Bombs in Thirty Seconds or Less” or “Death and Dismemberment: A How-To Guide” and then like one Home and Garden magazine on top just to seem normal. (There’s also a secret compartment with several guns, ammo clips, poison darts, some mascara, and a pair of stilettos.) She ends up spending a lot of her off time sitting in it wearing oversized sweaters and drinking coffee while she watches old movies. She never admits it to anyone (except Hawkeye who doesn’t care). 

Cap thinks that it’s a great invention and wonders why they didn’t have them in the army. He goes camping with Sam and Hawkeye once. (Never again.)

Thor’s never arrives because Tony got the interdimentional space travel wrong by accidentally spilling coffee on the paper he had the specs written out on and the RV accidentally goes to an alternate reality instead of Asgard. When Thor is on earth visiting, Tony asks him if he got it and Thor politely shakes his head and replies, “I have not received a tiny moveable dwelling, friend Stark, but I appreciate your generosity” and secretly wonders why the heck anyone in their right mind would want something as cramped and flimsy as an RV trailer. 

Bruce sends Tony an awkward thank you note but sincerely loves the RV because he doesn’t actually have a home and so he lives in it and is very careful not to Hulk out because it’s the nicest home he’s ever had. Tony sometimes shows up uninvited with a truck full of marshmallows and declares that they’re camping but it’s really just a front so they can do science bros stuff. 




So I really love how the intro to Pacific Rim is, like, 90% plausible/whatever for the first two minutes. Massive tragedy in San Francisco, media and cultural response, blah blah blah

Then, completely straight-up, “So that’s when we decided to make giant robots.”

When life hands you lemons

you make giant robots

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Nothing tastes better than a free birthday burger from Red Robin! #yum

Nothing tastes better than a free birthday burger from Red Robin! #yum








All-girl barber shop quartet nails it!

Guys. Guys… Did I ever tell you how much I love barbershop quartets and women who can sing? Oh geez. This is too much.


Guys…. I don’t think you understand how unbelievable this is… There was not one intonation problem in this entire performance. That’s…. well it’s …

i’m here for this

Reblogging again just to emphasize: These ladies are singing an extreeeeemely complex arrangement, and their intonation and tempo is so clean it shines. I just. Can’t. Stop. Watching it.

Here’s their website: